Biogas Enhancement is our Business

SulfaFix understands the importance of H₂S removal from biogas in the process of creating clean fuel and renewable energy. Our goal is to help our customers suppress H₂S load, assist in meeting RNG specifications and improve project economics by enhancing methane production.

SulfaFix is a cost-effective H₂S removal additive. When added in situ directly to any digester, SulfaFix Pre-Treatment provides early H₂S removal, substantially reducing or eliminating H₂S loads. This reduces project CAPEX and OPEX. With SulfaFix there are no messy and expensive media “change-outs”, no associated downtime, or expensive deposal issues.

SulfaFix does not require special storage. Its use does not require any specific training since it does not involve the handling of dangerous substances. Our product is delivered in 1,000 KG Super Sacs with 24/7 Dosing Units.

SulfaFix is ideal for agricultural, dairy, poultry and swine waste, wastewater treatment plants, and food and beverage processing facilities.

The Benefits of Using SulfaFix


Digester Efficiency

Introducing H₂S suppression early in the digestion process prevents most H₂S from forming. This supports digester efficiency thereby increasing methane concentration and methane flow rate to maximize MMBTU available for productive use.


Effective & Efficient

Used as pre-treatment H₂S removal additive, SulfaFix reduces H₂S loads by over 95%. Extended buffering characteristics provide for smooth and predictable biogas performance.


Minimizes Corrosion Damage

Early H₂S removal means SulfaFix prolongs lifespan of equipment and minimizes future CAPEX and OPEX.



Simply add SulfaFix to digester inlets for high buffering performance. No special handling or storage needed.


Economical & Affordable

More economical and affordable solution than any other technology on the market. Our additive is compatible with all existing H₂S removal systems.


Environmentally Friendly

SulfaFix is 100% natural, does not generate any toxic by-products, and produces iron sulfide and sulfur, which are components that improve the properties of fertilizers.

SulfaFix Pre-Treatment in the Biogas Plant​

A biogas generation plant processes urban, agricultural or forest organic materials under anaerobic conditions. The decomposition and fermentation of these materials produce a gas, composed essentially of methane, which also contains varying levels of H₂S depending on the organic materials used.


The presence of H₂S requires a specific intervention through which its toxicity and corrosivity are minimized. Only then will the process of biogas and its potential for use as an energy source be possible.

Why SulfaFix Works

SulfaFix works on Contact with the digestate — Maximum Contact = Maximum Effectiveness

High Porosity


High Micronization


High Surface Contact Area

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